Bay Area Youth Climate Action Team (BAYCATs)

OurTime Carlmont

Nancy is proud to have the support and endorsement of many state, county and community leaders and citizens. Nancy’s endorsements include:

County Supervisors

Honorable Warren Slocum, Pres. San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
Honorable David Canepa, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
Honorable Carole Groom, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
Honorable Don Horsley, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Current RWC City Council Members

Honorable Alicia Aguirre, Former Mayor
Honorable Ian Bain, Former Mayor
Honorable Janet Borgens
Honorable Diane Howard, Mayor
Honorable Diana Reddy 

Former City Council

Honorable Brent Britschgi, Former RWC Mayor
Honorable Dick Claire, Former RWC Mayor
Honorable Dani Gasparini, Former RWC Mayor
Honorable Georgi LaBerge, Former RWC Mayor
Honorable Jack Murray, Former RWC Council member and President of RSHA, now RSCA
Honorable Barbara Pierce, Former Mayor

Harbor District

Nancy Reyering, President San Mateo Harbor District


Kevin Bondonno, Planning Commission Chair
Simms Duncan, Port Commission
Kaia Eakin, Former HRAC
Rick Hunter, Planning Commission
Lorianna Kastrop, Port Commission
Jodi Paley, Vice Chair Senior Affairs
Ernie Schmidt, Planning Commision Vice Chair
Patricia Seth, RWC Transportation Advisory Committee
Michael Smith – RWC Planning Commission
Shawn White – Former RWC Planning Commission

Community Leaders

Dr. Kristen Anderson, FRM Childcare Coordinator, City Of Redwood City
Ray Arnaudo, Retired Diplomat
Vinney Arora
Alyn Beals
Frank Bizzaro
Liza Bizzaro
John Blake
Sheila Cepero
Chu Chang, 27 year Shores Resident
Sue Chow, Shores Resident, FRM Stanford Professor
Warren Dale
Lisa Hick-Dumanske, Ed of Rwc Library Foundation
Simms Duncan
Dee Eva
Rich Eva
Don Gibson
Rose Gottemoeller, Former Deputy Secretary General NATO (2016-2019)
Matthew Greenberg
Sarah Guido
Michael Hall, 10 Year Shores Resident
Jane Hennessy, Shores Resident
Lisa Hicks-Dumanske
Billy James
Kris Johnson
Mike Kastrop
Moon Lim
Peggy Lucchesi
Dennis McBride, RCSD Board of Trustees
Robbie Moffat
Barbara Neaman
Daniel Paley
Susan Peyton
Jerry Pierce
Daniel Ponti
Gail Raabe
Merrily Robinson
Harris Rogers, FRM Shores resident
Karen Schwarz, Trustee San Mateo Community College District
Patricia Seith
Carla Sillen
Jack Stephens
Jane Taylor
Paul Taylor
Christina Umhofer
Bob Wilson, 20 year Shores Resident
Robyn White , Shores Resident
Shawn White, Shores Resident